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Quote from Rita Glossner in The Wind Chimes

[Rita Glossner is on the Hecks' lawn throwing the chocolates at their house]
Rita Glossner: So, you gonna be my friend now, hmm? You think that you can buy me with your free chocolates that the insurance company sent?
Frankie: No. I ate the insurance chocolates. I bought those special for you.
Rita Glossner: You don't want to be my friend. You trying to "manipilate" me. I will not be "manipilated".
Frankie: Trust me, Rita -- I'm not trying to... "manipilate" you.
Rita Glossner: I don't believe you. I thought we'd put the past behind us, but I guess not. You hurt my feelings. You know what you are? You're a mean girl. Mm-hmm. You're a mean girl and a bully, and the whole neighborhood knows it.
Frankie: What?! I am not a bully! I'm nice. I sent you chocolates. I used the good stationery. I never even use stationery! You know what, Rita? You're the bully. And I'm not scared of you.
[When Frankie throws a chocolate back at Rita, it hits her square in the face]

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