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Quote from Trevor in Most Improved Player

Trevor: Oh, hello. Hi, you look like a piece of crap, are... are you Eleanor? Dude, you're like a legend in the Bad Place. You're... Check this out. Huh?
All: "Dress Bitch"!
Trevor: It's pretty great, right?
Michael: Trevor... Do you know what caused this mistake? 'Cause I cannot figure it out.
Trevor: No, we're stumped, but, uh, don't sweat it, champ. She's definitely one of ours. So we'll just roll on out, and you can get back to, uh, putting rainbows up your butt or whatever you do here. Okay? Let's hit it, sweetheart. We got a long ride.
Eleanor: What? Right now?
Michael: Trevor, for decency's sake, let her have some good-byes.
Trevor: [groans] God, good people are the worst. Okay, uh, 30 minutes. We gotta get back for The Bachelor. I'm gonna be pissed if I miss the Rose Ceremony.

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