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Quote from Beverly in Riptide Waters

Geoff: Thank you both for coming.
Beverly: Uh, if this is your apology bouquet for balling up your hand and punching me in the heart, it is vastly too small.
Geoff: I can't sit back and watch you two tear each other apart, so I came up with a solution. From now on, a totally neutral third party will be making all of our decisions, and her name is Penny. She's gonna decide everything.
Erica: A coin flip? What if it flips to the side I don't want? You haven't thought this through, Geoff.
Geoff: Studies show that people who flip a coin are more likely to follow through with their decisions and report higher overall happiness.
Beverly: My podiatrist's nephew flipped a penny right down his throat one time. It lodged in his intestines and gave him copper poisoning. Doctors had to remove his intestinal tract and hook his stomach directly to his home's sewer pipe. Now he lives and works in the bathroom as a telemarketer. His hours are as flexible as his discharge hose.
Erica: None of that ever happened to a human person, but she does have a point. I don't want to leave things up to chance.

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