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Quote from Beverly in You Only Die Once, or Twice, But Never Three Times

Adam: Okay, despite my better judgment, we're doing a sequel.
Barry: All right, where's my Bond girl?
Adam: She's sitting this one out for obvious reasons. But I did find you a new Bond girl that I think you'll have a real connection with.
Barry: What? Who? [spy movie music plays]
Beverly: [enters] Why, Mr. Bond, you look surprised to see me.
Adam: Introducing Mommy Galore.
Beverly: I'm a moon scientist.
Barry: No. I am not gonna wrestle on the rim of a volcano with her.
Beverly: But I have a license to snuggy.
Barry: [groans] Here she goes. [groans]
Beverly: He loves them. She really is the greatest villain of all time. [smooching]
Barry: Stop, stop. Cut.

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