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Quote from Will in The Philadelphia Story

Dick Clark: Duke, give me a chicken sandwich to go, will you?
Duke: Sure thing, Mr. Clark. One Will Smith.
Carlton: Will Smith?
Duke: Yeah, we named it after this guy who got into a little scrape across the street. Only instead of fighting, he ran clear across the country to California. He was a chicken to go. [laughs]
Hilary: What a coincidence, his name is Will Smith.
Duke: You're kidding... Wait a second. Yeah, a little taller. The ears were a little bigger, but it is you! My man! All right!
Will: Listen, it's me, but I didn't exactly run.
Duke: Hey, look. Hey, Mr. Clark, we got another celebrity over here. Say hello to Chicken Will. Come on, my man, strut your stuff.
Dick Clark: Hey, it's got a good beat, and you can run to it.
Will: Not you too, Dick. [runs out]
Duke: Hey, there he goes, he's running again. Hey! Hey, where you going? California's the other way! [bawks]


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Quote from Will

Will: What am I supposed to do about my rep?
Chill: Yo, you got to stand up to Omar Boulware, man.
Word: Word.
Carlton: Who's Omar Boulware?
Chill: Some guy Will wouldn't fight.
Will: The dude that be spinning me over his head in the opening credits.

Quote from Will

Will: Hey, Carlton, come here, man. Listen, I need your help, man. I gotta go into training. I'm gonna kick Omar's butt. Come on.
Carlton: Wait a minute. I thought you said this is one-on-one. What do you need me for?
Will: Well, if I win, I need a witness. If I lose, you're my blood type.

Quote from Will

Vy: Come on, y'all come right on in. Make yourself at home.
Will: Oh, there it is, y'all. Hey, check it out. My TV chair. Uh, I spent 10 years customizing this thing to my boogie. Now, I don't want none of y'all sitting in it and stretching out my sweet spot. Y'all know who you are.
Philip: Don't make me kill you in your mother's home.