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Quote from Carlton in Bullets over Bel-Air

Philip: Carlton, it's after midnight. I don't need something to happen to you too.
Carlton: Well, there's nothing you can do about it. These things just happen, right?
Philip: Carlton, I know you're upset. You've been through a traumatic experience. Now, if you just calm down, we can talk about this rationally.
Carlton: You're always in control, aren't you? Always know what to do, always know what to say. But you know what gets me? The police aren't gonna find this guy. And even if they do, so what? He'll be out on the streets in six months.
Philip: That's not gonna happen.
Carlton: Come on, Dad, it's happened to people you put away.
Philip: But the legal system isn't perfect.
Carlton: Go talk to Will about our legal system. It's such a joke. People aren't even afraid of it.
Philip: Carlton. Look, I'm frustrated too. But as a judge, I have to have faith in it, no matter how much I wanna go out and knock some heads. Eventually the system will come through.
Carlton: I'm all grown up, Dad. Don't tell me any more fairy tales.

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