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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Bullets over Bel-Air

515. Bullets over Bel-Air

Aired February 6, 1995

Will and Carlton are held up by a gunman at an ATM.

Quote from Will

Will: So, what's up, man? Are you gonna be all right?
Carlton: Still can't get over it, Will. If you hadn't pushed me, that bullet would have gotten me.
Will: Well, not necessarily. See, even if you stood right in front of me, he still could have hit me from my belly button up.


Quote from Will

Will: So, what, you don't think I'm mad, huh? I'm laying up in this hospital an inch away from being paralyzed. You don't think I wanna get up and catch...
Carlton: Well, it's not gonna happen again, not to me.
Will: Carlton, Carlton. I understand that you're scared, man, but the world can be a scary place. You just got to learn how to deal with it.
Carlton: Yeah, well, I found my way.
Will: That's not you, man, that's them.
Carlton: Look, I didn't come here for your approval, all right? I came here to see how you were. I'm out of here.
Will: Carlton.
Carlton: No more hugs, Will.
Will: I saved your life, man. I saved your life. You owe me! Now, give me the gun, Carlton. Give me the gun. I saved your life. I want the gun.

Quote from Hilary

Hilary: [holding IV bag] I hate this generic stuff. I'm gonna get you an Evian.

Quote from Carlton

Philip: Carlton, it's after midnight. I don't need something to happen to you too.
Carlton: Well, there's nothing you can do about it. These things just happen, right?
Philip: Carlton, I know you're upset. You've been through a traumatic experience. Now, if you just calm down, we can talk about this rationally.
Carlton: You're always in control, aren't you? Always know what to do, always know what to say. But you know what gets me? The police aren't gonna find this guy. And even if they do, so what? He'll be out on the streets in six months.
Philip: That's not gonna happen.
Carlton: Come on, Dad, it's happened to people you put away.
Philip: But the legal system isn't perfect.
Carlton: Go talk to Will about our legal system. It's such a joke. People aren't even afraid of it.
Philip: Carlton. Look, I'm frustrated too. But as a judge, I have to have faith in it, no matter how much I wanna go out and knock some heads. Eventually the system will come through.
Carlton: I'm all grown up, Dad. Don't tell me any more fairy tales.

Quote from Geoffrey

Philip: Don't worry, on this trip, it's just us and the elements. We're gonna be roughing it like frontiersmen.
Geoffrey: Oh, incidentally, sir the limousine will be here to pick you up at dawn.
Philip: Great, I'm gonna go stuff my fanny pack.
Geoffrey: Looks like somebody beat him to it.

Quote from Hilary

Ashley: It says here in this magazine when decorating a home, price should be no object. The more money you spend the better.
Vivian: What magazine is that?
Ashley: Rich People's Digest.
Hilary: I got a subscription. If I'm gonna be decorating my new house, I need all the help I can get.
Vivian: This is a beautiful color for your drapes, honey.
Hilary: Yeah, if you're a hotel in Vegas. Plus, look at the price.
Vivian: This is very reasonable.
Hilary: Exactly. [scoffs]

Quote from Will

Nurse: Good morning, time for breakfast.
Will: Shh, shh, shh.
Nurse: Oh, sorry. Isn't it hard to follow that show with the sound off?
Will: Oh, no, this is What's Happening!! I know all these jokes by heart. Oh, check it out, look, look, look. [imitates Dwayne] Hey, hey, hey. [imitates Dee] Oh, Dwayne, Rerun ate my mama's cake. [imitates Rerun] Ooh. Dee, Dee, please don't tell your mama I ate her cake. [imitates Dee] Okay, Rerun, for Dee right price.
Nurse: You're good.
Will: [normal voice] Oh, that ain't nothing. You should see my Webster.

Quote from Will

Nicky: Will, you have paper on your cheek.
Ashley: Oh, Nicky, he cut himself shaving.
Nicky: Why do you shave and Ashley doesn't?
Will: [stammers] Well, you know, it's because guys grow beards and some women don't. You know, when you become a teenager, guys start to grow hair on their face and women start to grow, you know, they be...
Ashley: Taller.
Will: Ooh, you are right. Taller. Yes.

Quote from Hilary

Will: You are really asking a lot of questions, Nicky.
Ashley: Nicky's at that age. He's like an empty vessel waiting to be filled with knowledge.
Hilary: Has anyone seen my Vogue magazine? The one with that supermodel Tyra on the cover.
Ashley: Hilary, that's 2 years old. Geoffrey threw it away.
Hilary: Why?
Will: And some vessels just stay empty.

Quote from Will

Philip: Okay, I have chartered our trails. We're gonna hike in just below Limestone Falls then we're gonna raft down the Rocky Point and we're gonna spend our last night at Two Arches.
Will: Huh. Them arches better not be golden.

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