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Quote from Ashley in Not with My Cousin You Don't

Ashley: Oh, a little horse.
Derek: Yep. That's from when we rode the carousel down at the pier.
Ashley: That's when we first held hands.
Derek: Uh-uh-uh.
Ashley: Oh, ha, ha, my God, a little Rollerblade.
Derek: Eh? Remember when we went roller skating down in Venice?
Ashley: That's when we first kissed. Derek, this is so sweet. I can't believe you did this.
Derek: You know, we've had a lot of firsts together.
Ashley: I know.
Derek: You know, Ashley, there's a... There's another first I think we should do together.
Ashley: Really? What?
Derek: Well, I love you, Ashley, and I think we should make love.
Ashley: Together?

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