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Quote from Ashley in Not with My Cousin You Don't

Ashley: Aw. Stop.
Derek: Why?
Ashley: Derek, stop.
Derek: Okay.
Ashley: Why'd you stop?
Derek: I lost my head. [they kiss] You know, Ash, it's been great being back in town visiting all the colleges but the best part has been being with you. I miss you.
Ashley: Me too. Sixteen years on the same street and you had to blow it by moving.
Derek: Hey, if I don't get into Stanford, I'll go to ULA. And then I'll be around all the time.
Ashley: Derek, you'll get in. You're too smart. I wish you were dumber. I'd have a boyfriend again.
Derek: Hey, you never stopped having one.
Ashley: You're just saying that because you like me.
Derek: No. I'm saying that because I love you. [they kiss]

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