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Quote from Will in Bourgie Sings the Blues

Carlton: Will, you couldn't possibly understand. I mean, how could you? You've got everything. You have the job, you have the girls, and damn it, you've got the height. You don't know the blues. How could you?
Will: Oh, heh. Oh, I don't know the blues, huh?
Carlton: That's right.
Will: Oh, yeah, like everything's been perfect for me. You know, like growing up in the projects.
Pappy: [sings and plays guitar] Growing up in the projects
Will: Never having any money.
Pappy: Ain't never had a dime
Will: Never knowing whether my father was gonna come home.
Pappy: He left and he ain't come back yet
Will: Excuse me, Pappy, why don't you take a nappy?

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