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Quote from Garrett in Aftermath

Garrett: [over PA] Attention Cloud 9 shoppers, we have a bit of an emergency...
Glenn: Garrett! Garrett! We need to make an announcement.
Garrett: I'm in the middle of something right now.
Glenn: This is urgent!
Dina: [grabs microphone] Attention, employees. We need you to assemble in the front of the store for a group photo in ten minutes.
Glenn: Give me that. [takes microphone] And look sharp! We... no! We have a chance to have CEO, Neil Penderson, in our store! This is not a prank.
Dina: Neil! Penderson!
Garrett: [takes microphone] As I was saying, there's a missing child. His name is Caden. He has brown hair, is eight years old, and is wearing overalls. So, uh, I guess those two things. Group photo. Missing kid.

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