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Quote from Amy in Election Day

Amy: So then, I took the S train from the docks to my mother's house in Flatbush.
Jonah: Hey, youse a good kid, respecting your mother like that.
Amy: Yeah, but sometimes, you got to say, "Hey, Ma, I'm going out with the fellas."
Jonah: Yeah.
Amy: "I'll see you at church."
Jonah: Oh. Oh, your guy's religious.
Amy: No, he goes to church to respect his mother's old-world values.
Jonah: Sure.
Amy: Obviously. That's the story.
Jonah: You know, don't take this the wrong way, but I feel like you've become a lot more fun since I've known you.
Amy: Thanks. And if I may return the compliment, I think you've become marginally less annoying.
Jonah: Hey, hey, hey. Don't make me blush in front of the fellas, huh?

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