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The Highlights of 100

‘The Highlights of 100’

Season 6, Episode 14 - Aired February 2, 1995

Highlights from the first 100 episodes of Seinfeld. [CLIP SHOW]

Quote from Jerry

Jerry: Oh, hi. A hundred episodes. That's a lot. During the course of which George, Elaine, Kramer and I have had many experiences, both positive and negative. Well, mostly negative. There've been some relationships that haven't worked out, ambitions that were unfulfilled, hopes dashed, some property damage, hurt feelings... I know one guy got deported. Physical injury and, all right, maybe even a death or two. But we've persevered. Because we're people. Real TV people. And for 30 minutes a week, that's pretty important to us. So if you're joining us late, here's some highlights from what's happened so far. [turns TV on]