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Quote from George in The Apology

George: Oh, hello, Hanky, others.
Jason Hanky: George.
George: You know, Jason, I couldn't help notice: I didn't get my apology.
Jason Hanky: Apology? For what?
George: A draughty apartment. A sweaterless friend. A ball-game-giveaway MetLife Windbreaker.
Jason Hanky: George, come on. Not that neck-hole thing.
George: Yes, the neck-hole thing. And I would appreciate it if you'd say you're sorry.
Jason Hanky: No way. You would have completely stretched it out.
George: You're an alcoholic! You have to apologize. Step 9. Step 9.
Jason Hanky: All right, George, all right. I'm sorry. I'm very, very sorry. I'm so sorry that I didn't want your rather bulbous head struggling to find its way through the normal-size neck hole of my finely knit sweater.

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