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Quote from George in The Cadillac

Elaine: Jerry, he want me to fix him up with Marisa Tomei. I am not gonna be a part of this!
George: Fixed up? A cup of coffee! A cup of coffee is not a fix up!
Elaine: You wanna meet her. You wanna see if she likes you?
George: So what? So what if I do?
Elaine: You're engaged!
George: I'm aware! I'm aware! But this is Marisa Tomei, Elaine. An Oscar winner! How can I live the rest of my life, knowing I could have been with Marisa Tomei? She said I was just her type! She loves short, stocky,
balding funny men!
Jerry: I notice you threw 'stocky' in there.
George: Yeah, what the hell?!
Elaine: George, it's cheating.
George: It's not cheating if there's no sex!

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