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Quote from George in The Gum

Deena: So, you want my father to pay for this?
George: You saw him. He was fiddling with the engine. God knows what he did there.
Deena: And I suppose Lloyd Braun had something to do with it too.
George: No, not Lloyd Braun. But the cashier.
Deena: What cashier?
George: You remember the woman on the horse? She wanted my spot.
Deena: To park her horse?
George: No, she wasn't on the horse.
Deena: So, your car caught fire because of my father and the woman on the horse?
George: That's right.
George: [points to florist] And him!
Deena: The man with the flowers?
George: Yeah, yeah, the flower guy. Listen, I know this all sounds a little crazy, but...
[A car pulls up on the road]
George: I can't believe it. Look, that's Jerry Seinfeld.
Deena: Who?
George: Jerry Seinfeld. My best friend. He can explain all of this. [calls to Jerry] Jerry.
[Jerry turns and looks but, since he's wearing those thick glasses, all he sees are colored blobs]
George: Jerry! Over here Jerry. It's me!
[The car pulls away]
George: Jerry, where are you going? It's... What're...
Deena: That was your best friend?
George: Yeah, yeah, but he doesn't wear glasses.
Deena: That man was wearing glasses.
George: I know. But don't you see? He was doing it to fool Lloyd Braun!

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