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Quote from Jerry in The Trip: Part 1

Jerry: It seems to me that the closest thing we have to Royalty in America are the people that get to ride in those little carts through the airport. Don't you hate these things? They come out of nowhere. Beep beep, "Cart people, look out, cart people! Look out!" We all scurry out of the way like worthless peasants. "Ooh! It's cart people! I hope we didn't slow you down. Wave to the cart people, Timmy, they're the best people in the world." You know, if you're too fat, slow and disoriented to get to your gate on time, you're not ready for air travel. The other people I hate are the people that get on to the moving walkway and then just stand there. Like it's a ride? Excuse me, there's no animated pirates or bears along the way here. Do your legs work at all?

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