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Quote from George in The Big Salad

George: Did you see what just happened here?
Jerry: Well, that all depends.
George: Did you happen to notice that Julie handed the big salad to Elaine?
Jerry: Yeah, so?
George: Well, she didn't buy the big salad. I bought the big salad.
Jerry: Is that a fact?
George: Yes, it is. She just took credit for my salad. That's not right.
Jerry: No, it isn't.
George: I mean, I'm the one who bought it.
Jerry: Yes, you did.
George: You think she should have said something?
Jerry: She could have.
George: Oh, I know.
Jerry: Imagine, her taking credit for your big salad.
George: You know, you buy a big salad for somebody it would be nice if they knew it.

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