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Quote from Roland in A Whisper of Desire

Tina: Tina Holbridge. It is so nice to meet you. I've just been spending the whole afternoon with your two special guys.
Roland: Oh, well, you know, Roland Jr. and I, are gettin' there, but, uh, this guy, I've known him for a long time. You know that he, uh, took me shopping once?
David: Yeah, you know what? Are you ready to take, um, him? Because I'm sure you have a busy day.
Roland: Yeah, I should probably grab him, and go. I'm sorry, I would've been here sooner, but I got electrocuted three times. And the last time I didn't bounce back quite as fast.
David: Well, the important part is that you're-you're here now.
Roland: Yeah, and luckily Gwen's fine, too. I don't know why she was wearing that rubber dress when she cut that wire, but it saved her life.


 ‘A Whisper of Desire’ Quotes

Quote from Moira

Moira: And who, may I ask, is bold enough to scale this cultural monolith?
Patrick: Jocelyn's actually directing for the community theatre, so.
Moira: Jocelyn?
David: That's very ambitious of Jocelyn.
Patrick: Yeah, well, I just thought it could be a fun thing to do.
Moira: Yes, the exact sentiment expressed by the passengers as they stepped aboard the Titanic.
David: Okay, well, that's really encouraging.
Moira: What?! They were having a rip-roaring bash before that bloody iceberg.

Quote from Roland

David: Roland. You brought a baby into the store.
Roland: Shhh. Yeah. And I don't know why I haven't brought him in sooner, this place is perfect.
David: Thank you so much.
Roland: Yeah, they say that babies fall asleep quickest when they're surrounded by an eerie, almost crypt-like silence.
David: What can I do to shorten your stay in my store, Roland?
Roland: Oh, uh, Joce wanted me to pick up uh, some of this. This organic applesauce. Organic. Listen to me! Who am I? Gwyneth Paltrow?

Quote from Moira

Jocelyn: Moira since you have the strong personal connection to "Cabaret", do you think that you could help me?
Moira: No, this is your bébé, Jocelyn, and an artistic cradle robber, I am not.
Jocelyn: Okay, it's just that I have this actual baby at home, plus a whole lot of term papers to grade.
Moira: I wouldn't want to step on anyone's toes. But if you would indulge me a promenade along memory lane, I'd love to sit in on the auditions.
Jocelyn: Okay, if that's as much as you're willing to contribute. All righty.
Moira: It's settled, then. Consider me a silent monarch on the wall.