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Quote from Moira in The Presidential Suite

Moira: Oh, so you're willing to reconsider a room upgrade?
Johnny: Upgrade? Oh, I thought you were talking about a romantic weekend.
Moira: Well, we start with a weekend and go from there. You don't believe we deserve this perquisite, John? At least until we secure a way out of here.
Johnny: Moira, yeah, the room is bigger. It might even be nicer, but haven't we managed to make do here in this room over the past few years?
Moira: Yes, in the same way rogue crustaceans are known to make do in old soda cans.
Johnny: And what about the kids? We're just going to abandon them here?
Moira: They're practically middle-aged and they're not denying theirselves betterment, why should we?

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