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Quote from Leslie Knope in Doppelgangers

Ron Swanson: Okay, enough is enough. What is wrong with you, woman?
Leslie Knope: I don't need to explain myself to you! I am the czar. I can do as I please. Those who cross the czar feel the wrath of the czar! Ann is thinking about leaving Pawnee. Moving, with Chris.
Ron Swanson: Well, that's nice.
Leslie Knope: Nice, Ron? Edible arrangements are nice. This is volcanically hot betrayal! She is my best friend! She's thinking about leaving, just like that! And she wants to "talk to me" about it? It's like, I don't even know what to say.
Ron Swanson: That you love her and you understand that it's her life, and geography will never change your feelings.
Leslie Knope: Whatever. I don't even need her. I've got Tynnyfer now, and Craig, and Eric, the racist drug dealer who I've yet to meet. Those are my real friends.

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