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Quote from Schmidt in Big Mama P

Schmidt: Okay. I'm gonna go check on the best man.
Jess: I'm sure he's handling whatever task you gave him just fine. [both laugh]
Schmidt: He's so bad at everything!
Jess: Look, he's just one of those rare heterosexual men who does not have a knack for wedding planning.
Schmidt: I'll never understand men like that.


 ‘Big Mama P’ Quotes

Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: Cece has zero idea that you're flying her mother in for the engagement party tonight. She is... she is alarmingly in the dark. Maybe it's a cultural thing. You know, we saw the British coming. India did not.

Quote from Winston

Winston: Oh, she's gonna get hers.
Jess: No, no, Winston, no. What did you do? No pranks.
Schmidt: Such bad timing.
Winston: Hey, Mrs. Parikh. Check your shoe. [Winston snickers] Tickle foot! [laughs] I put a feather in your shoe! [laughing]
Jess: Too small, dude. Way too small.

Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: These rings are the first of a dozen accessories that are gonna unify the bridal party. As you can see from my preliminary vision board, our wedding will borrow equally from the holy trinity of Liz Taylor, Jackie O and The Power Gays.
Cece: Oh, I'm scared.
Winston: You should be.