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Quote from Dr. Kroger in Mr. Monk and the Buried Treasure

Dr. Kroger: What happened down there?
Adrian Monk: I had a little talk with the boy. Heart to heart. It's important to listen. That's- That's really the main thing, listening.
Dr. Kroger: No, listening, listening is good. Listening. Well, whatever you did, Adrian, thank you. You gave our family a wonderful gift.
Adrian Monk: Better than a watch?
Dr. Kroger: [chuckles] Yeah, better than a wristwatch.
Adrian Monk: Mention that to Harold.
Dr. Kroger: No, I don't think that's appropriate.
Adrian Monk: Call him right now. Natalie, where's your phone?
Dr. Kroger: Here, sit down. Why do you have his number?
Adrian Monk: I mean, a watch, give me a break.
Dr. Kroger: Did I ever say to you that it was Harold? I never said it was Harold.

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