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Quote from Jay in The One That Got Away

Jay: [answering phone] Hello. Manny. Where are you? What are you doing out there? What the hell?
Manny: I dragged it back here this afternoon. I know it's not the lake. But maybe we could pop open a few drinks and hang out on the water.
[aside to camera:]
Jay: Now, the old Jay would have said "I wanted to be on a lake with a fishing rod and sunshine not bobbing around at night in a swimming pool." I miss the old Jay.
Manny: This is the life, huh?
Jay: It ain't half bad.


 ‘The One That Got Away’ Quotes

Quote from Gloria

Jay: And here we have a phone in the shape of a mouth.
Gloria: Ah, you're welcome. Very sexy.
Jay: Wait a minute. Don't tell me. Let me work this out. I mentioned a few times I was thinking of taking up the saxophone. You give me this. I got it. Is this a "sexy phone"?
Gloria: Happy birthday!

Quote from Jay

Jay: [answering phone] Hello.
Sandra: Hi. It's Sandra from the dog groomer. I'm trying to reach Gloria. Stella's ready.
Jay: Oh, I must have her phone. She probably grabbed mine again. Listen. This is her husband. You have my number right there probably. Give that a call.
Sandra: Oh, okay. Thanks.
Jay: [answering phone] Yeah, it's me again. I'll be right there. Yeah, I did blame her for no reason. You have a little bit of an attitude, you know that? You know who did your job in my day? A hose.

Quote from Cameron

Manny: [on the phone] Help me. Tell me what to say.
Cameron: Okay, how about this? You are the prettiest, smartest, funniest girl in the sixth grade. I know you're only 11, but I can't stop thinking about you. I've loved talking to you online. I think we should become boyfriend and girlfriend. [to the people in the bakery] Oh, no, it's not what you think. I'm talking to a little boy. Oh.