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Quote from Phil in Perfect Pairs

Phil: For the last year, I haven't paid for a drink in any Realtor bar in California. I've never known that kind of adulation. If I blow it tonight, it all goes away. I'm just another bum walking into Brokers paying for my own Long Escrow Iced Tea!


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Quote from Cameron

Man: Oh, my God, you guys, let's hurry!
Cameron: Hurrying where?
Man: Uh, there's a retrospective... "Cher in the '70s: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves."
Cameron: [gasps]
Mitchell: You went without me? What do we always say? Every Cher experience should be a shared experience.
Cameron: Shared experience. I'm sorry, Mitchell. If I could turn back time...

Quote from Cameron

Mitchell: Cam was actually about to tell us what he learned about Picasso.
Paul: Oh, I know so little about him.
Cameron: Well, it... it turns out he was born, um... in the wagon of a... of a traveling... show. His mother, poor thing, she was forced to dance for all...

Quote from Phil

Phil: The Duke... ...becomes a uke... ...becomes a Luke.
Alex: Dad, that was amazing!
Phil: Yeah! Amazing that I think a hacky parlor trick is gonna cut it at SCARB. You heard me right, Alex... SCARB!
[aside to camera:]
Phil: The Southern California Area Realtors' Banquet is the biggest event of the year for Southern California Area Realtors. The other events: SCARL, SCARD, SCARP, SCARG, SCARF; t-they're fine, but SCARB, it's... it's the show. I performed at last year's SCARB, and... and I did well. Too well.