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Quote from Lily in Under Pressure

Mitchell: No, no. I like to think that I'm greener than I am, but maybe I just want the credit without doing all the hard work that you do.
Asher: Well, you're right- It is hard, but, you know, it's also alienating. You know, no one wants to be friends with me. I-I can't tell you the last time I had people over for dinner, which is probably a good thing. You know, with solar power, it takes four days to roast a chicken.
Haley: Really?
Asher: If you want it cooked all the way through, yeah.You know I had salmonella three times?
Mitchell: If you want to come over to our house for dinner, we kind of owe you.
Lily: You can play with my dollhouse.
Asher: Yeah? Is it made from sustainable materials?
Lily: Forget it.

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