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Quote from Lily in Baby on Board

Lily: Watch me dance.
Jay: Honey, you don't need to practice anymore. The turning, the jumping, the little bird thing, you've got it.
Lily: What's this?
Jay: Sweetie, please don't play with the pieces. I've told you, they're very delicate.
Lily: What are you building?
Jay: It's a model of a plane that was built for Amelia Earhart.
Lily: Why?
Jay: Because she wanted to fly around the world.
Lily: Why?
Jay: Because she probably needed to get away from her kids.
Lily: Why?
Jay: [to Manny] You know how to stop this?
Manny: I'm on it. Lily, we really need you to let us concentrate for a few minutes, okay?
Lily: Your hair is weird.
Manny: Um, now I'm flustered.

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