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Quote from Francis in Malcolm's Job

Dewey: How come you're the only good one in the family? Why didn't any of it rub off on Reese or Malcolm?
Francis: Dewey, would you cut it out?
Dewey: No, I mean it. You're such a good brother. I'll bet they didn't even appreciate it.
Francis: Dewey! I was never like this with Reese and Malcolm. I treated them like crap. Way worse than they treat you.
Dewey: That's impossible.
Francis: I tortured them all the time. I beat them up, I took their stuff, I locked them in closets. You know that scar on Reese's back? That's from a bayonet. Where did I even get a bayonet?!
Dewey: But you couldn't have. The way they talk about you... They love you so much.
Francis: Dewey, let me let you in on a little secret. Sometimes people love people for no reason. Like Whoopi Goldberg.

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