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Quote from The Captain in Daisy

The Captain: Hide it in a boat.
Ted: A boat? How would that even...?
The Captain: I don't know. I just... I like boats.


 ‘Daisy’ Quotes

Quote from Robin

Lily: Are you okay, Robin?
Robin: No, I'm not okay because apparently I am marrying my dad in a few hours.
Genevieve: Oh, sweetie, no, I'm sure that's not true. I mean, there's so much you don't know about your father. There were so many other red flags in our marriage. I mean, for instance, do you know that before he was engaged to me, he was engaged to marry an exotic dancer? Hello. Red flag.
Lily: Oh, Genevieve. Not good.
Genevieve: And, did you know that one time to impress women, he dressed up like a Prussian aristocrat, had a painting of himself made, and posed next to it in an art gallery? Can you imagine?
Lily: That's a rough one.
Genevieve: Darling, darling, the list goes on. He would always take his mother's side in arguments. He never checked with me before making plans. And our rehearsal dinner? Oh, boy, did we have it out right before our rehearsal dinner.
Lily: Thank you, Linus.
Genevieve: For the first 10 years I knew him, I didn't even know what your father did for a living. Every time I used to ask him, he'd say...
Lily: Please.
Genevieve: Yes, that's exactly what he used to say. How did you know that?

Quote from Robin

Genevieve: Oh, darling. Come on. No, no, you're not marrying your father. Your father... I mean, let's just put it this way. Your father was a sociopath. He slept with over 20 women. And sure, you know, we were friends for years first and it was entertaining watching him lie to those poor girls to get inside their snow pants. But I should've known back then this was not husband material. I mean, even your Uncle Jim, you know, his gay black brother...
Lily: Will you shut up?

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Quote from Romeward Bound

Lily: Okay, I'm gonna call The Captain, get this over with.
The Captain: [answers phone] Ahoy.
Lily: Hello, Captain?
The Captain: Lily, I hope you're not calling to harpoon our big move to Rome.
Lily: Thank you, but I can't ask my husband to abandon his career.
The Captain: Would you like me to try and convince him? I'm very persuasive.
Lily: I'm sorry, the ship has sailed.
The Captain: What's that mean?
Lily: Well, you know, "The ship has sailed"? That it's over and there's nothing you can do?
The Captain: What a peculiar expression. Well, thanks for all your hard work, Lily. I've never been good at good-byes, so... [hangs up]

Quote from Romeward Bound

Future Ted: [v.o.] Kids, by the spring of 2013, Lily and Marshall had life figured out, Lily was making a name as the
art consultant for The Captain, Marshall was a superstar environmental lawyer and home life was a well-oiled machine. And then... something changed.
Lily: Captain, you wanted to see me? Captain? Hello? Permission to come aboard?
The Captain: Granted.
The Captain: Lily, small order of business: I'm moving to Rome and I'd like you to come with me. Carry on.
Lily: What? That-That-That's amazing, but I don't know if I can just uproot my life.
The Captain: It's only for a year. Carry on.
Lily: But I'm married and we have a baby and they just opened a Shake Shack on our block and there's never a line!
The Captain: I understand it's a big decision. Take all the time you need. Just let me know by the end of the day. Also, I need your advice on purchasing some luggage.
Lily: What kind?
The Captain: Carry on.