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Quote from Robin in Symphony of Illumination

Future Robin: Lily would just implode.
Lily: [sobbing] And here I've been going on and on about babies. Oh, I am such a bad friend!
Future Robin: And I'd wind up comforting her.
Robin: It's okay.
Lily: You have to punch me in the face!
Future Robin: Marshall would ask me a ton of questions I don't know the answers to.
Marshall: Have you thought about adoption?
Robin: Um, well...
Marshall: Does this kind of thing run in your family?
Robin: Uh...
Marshall: What was the date, duration and consistency of your last period?
Future Robin: And your father would bend over backwards trying to make me laugh.
Barney: A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar. No, a barbershop. No, a post office. No, it's two priests. No, it's two ducks. No, a priest holding a duck. And he's Polish. The priest, not the duck. Actually, the duck could be Polish, too. Doesn't matter. Yes it does. The duck's not Polish.
Future Robin: And when that didn't work, he would actually bend over backwards.
Barney: Pratfall! Ow!


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Quote from Robin

Lily: Are you okay?
Robin: Yeah, yeah, um, I guess this, um, this pole-vaulting thing is finally hitting me.
Lily: I don't get it, Robin. Did you really want to be a pole-vaulter?
Robin: No, no, I was, uh, I was always adamantly against having a, uh, a pole-vaulting career, even though it's
what most women want.
Lily: Most women want to be a pole-vaulter?
Robin: In Canada. It's very big up there. You know, it's, it's meet a nice guy, get married, vault some poles, but I... never wanted that. Of course, it's one thing not to want something. It's another to be told you can't have it. I guess it's, it's just nice knowing that you could someday do it if you changed your mind. But now, all of a sudden, that door is closed.
Lily: What about the one where you ski and shoot at the same time? That seems like something you'd be good at.

Quote from Future Ted

Future Ted: [v.o.] Kids, your Aunt Robin never became a pole-vaulter, but she did become a famous journalist, a successful businesswoman, a world traveler. She was even briefly a bullfighter. That's a funny story, I'll get to that one later. But there's one thing your Aunt Robin never was. She was never alone.

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Quote from Glitter

Robin: Okay, fine, I'll watch it with you.
Barney: Yeah!
Robin: But if either of you makes even one peep about the show being dirty, I'm turning it off. I'm serious.
[on Space Teens:]
Robin Sparkles: Hey Jessica, how's your beaver?
[in the apartment, Ted and Barney spit take]
Jessica Glitter: Great. How's your beaver?
Robin Sparkles: Busy as ever!
[Ted and Barney stifle laughter]
Robin: Our characters had pet beavers.
Ted: [giggles] Sure.
Robin: The beaver is the official animal of Canada. It's our national mascot.
Barney: It's a noble creature.

Quote from Big Days

Robin: Well, I guess you just got to move on. I mean, it's not like you have a shot with Ready McGee over there, right? Ted?
Future Ted: [v.o.] Then I remembered. Cindy had a roommate. A roommate I only caught a glimpse of... But a roommate who, by every indication, was something very special. Was it possible? Could this be the girl attached to that ankle?
Ted: I got to see her ankles.
Robin: You're one of those? God, I swear, one in five guys...