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Quote from Barney in Nannies

Future Ted: [v.o.] That night, Lily and Marshall called Julie hoping she'd accept the job.
Julie Jorgensen: I'm so sorry. I can't.
Marshall: Don't tell us you took the other job.
Julie Jorgensen: No, I didn't. I'm not taking any nanny job.
Lily: I don't understand.
Julie Jorgensen: The most amazing thing happened at my next interview after you guys. I fell in love with a single dad who turns out to be a billionaire. Tomorrow we're heading off to Paris in his private jet. It's gonna be, as he would say, legend-Wait for it.
[cut to Lily and Marshall going to Barney's place:]
Lily & Marshall: Barney!
Barney: Ixnay on the eal-ray ame-nay.
Julie Jorgensen: Mr. and Mrs. Eriksen?
Lily: You son of a... itch-bay!

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