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Quote from Robin in Symphony of Illumination

Future Robin: [v.o.] The next day, we went to the doctor.
Dr. Sonya: Well, Mrs. Scherbatsky, I'm sure that you and your husband...
Robin: Uh, he's not my husband.
Dr. Sonya: Oh, I'm so sorry. Your boyfriend then.
Robin: He's not my boyfriend.
Dr. Sonya: Oh, bozhe. All right, well, I will just cut to the chase.
Barney: Wait! Wait. All right. Okay.
Dr. Sonya: All right, we're ready. Good. You are not pregnant.
Barney: Yeah!
Robin: Oh, yeah!
Barney: That's what I'm talking about!
[Barney plays upbeat music. He, Robin and Dr. Sonya start dancing]
Future Robin: Again, sorry kids.

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