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Quote from Barney in Little Boys

Barney: OK, I've got it. Here, put on this eye patch.
Ted: Why?
Barney: The ultimate ice breaker. [puts on an eye patch] A bunch of cobras got loose in Central Park. You and I are jogging, training for the Death Valley Iron Man. No big deal, we do it every year. Suddenly we see these snake bastards sneaking towards a little baby. Not on our watch. You grab the kid, I strangle six cobras with my bare hands. Women of New York, one at a time please.
Ted: So, what are the eye patches for?
Barney: We got bit.
Ted: On the eye?
Barney: Yes.
Ted: Both of us.
Barney: They're different eyes. I don't see why this bugs you. Patch up!

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