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Quote from Lily in First Time in New York

Lily: Do you remember our first time?
Marshall: Yeah. It was back in college.
[flashback to Lily and Marshall's college room in 1996:]
Lily: Oh, wait, wait. Look, I really want to do this, but we should make it special, you know? Do this right.
Marshall: [exhales] Okay. You're right. Maybe we could go to the beach and get a house for the weekend.
Lily: Yeah, New Year's Eve.
Marshall: Okay.
Lily: Oh, and we'll light candles and maybe put on some classical music.
Marshall: That's not a good idea.
Lily: Why not?
Marshall: Long story. But maybe we could put on some Al Green and take a bubble bath together.
Lily: Oh, yeah, that sounds so good. Oh, I love you, Marshall. I'm so glad we're waiting.
[twelve minutes later:]
Lily: Oops.

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