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Quote from Barney in The Rehearsal Dinner

Barney: "Let's get this party started." Hey, can you push the button?
Robin: Do not touch that button.
Barney: Just give it a little push.
Robin: Don't push it.
Barney: Half of it, halfway, halfway...
Robin: Don't even touch it.
Security Guard: Why can't I push the button?
Robin: Because whenever Barney sees a button - any button - he has to push it.
[flashback to Barney and Robin with a woman who's in labor in the elevator after Barney pressed all the floor buttons:
Barney: Sorry.
Barney: Why are you so mad?
Robin: Because my rehearsal dinner was supposed to start ten minutes ago. But instead of stuffing my face with hors d'oeuvres that I have been dreaming about for months, I am in a laser tag security office, waiting for the police to arrest my fiancé for causing a disturbance.
Barney: Hey, you said "fiancé." That's a good sign. Now what do you say we give that old button a push?
Robin: Take a good look at this face, Barney, okay? 'cause it'll be useful for the future. This is my "pretty mad" face.
Barney: Well, then, we've got a problem. 'cause it looks a lot like your "pretty hungry" face.
Robin: I'm missing the bacon-wrapped figs!
Barney: Please push the button!

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