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Al: Well, today, we're gonna show you the proper way of putting up Christmas lights on your roof. Heidi here's installing a GFI outlet.
Tim: A GFI is a ground fault interrupter. It prevents people from being shocked, something I know an awful lot about.
Al: Now, I've already done the wiring. I brought the conduit in from the attic. Make sure that the lighting strands and the extension cords are heavy-duty UL-approved and marked for outdoor use.
Tim: That prevents electrical fires, something else I know an awful lot about.
Heidi: That's right. And Al and I have taken the ultimate safety precaution.
Al: We're not allowing Tim to do any of the work. [Al & Heidi laugh]


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Heidi: Merry Christmas and welcome to Tool Time. We're live on Al's rooftop. Now, here's the star of the show, Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor.
Tim: Thank you, Heidi. I am Tim... Well, "The Yule Man" Taylor. And, of course, you all know my assistant, Al "Be Home for Christmas Just Like Every Other Night" Borland.

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Randy: You know, I miss my friends. I miss writing for the school paper. I miss Arnold Schwarzenegger movies in English.
Tim: How do they say "Hasta la vista, baby" in Spanish?

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Jill: I guess since your dad and I are living here in the middle of all these changes, we haven't even noticed half of them.
[Tim falls off the roof with one of his decorations]
Tim: It's okay. The ground seems to have broken my fall.
Randy: Then again, some things never change.