Brad Quote #89

Quote from Brad in The Route of All Evil

Randy: Hey, Brad. Mom and Dad want you to come down for dinner.
Brad: Tell them I'm not hungry. I'm trying to finish this paper and do my math homework at the same time.
Randy: "The Franco-Prussian War was fought in the year 1870 minus the square root of 113."
Brad: Oh, man. How could I have done that?


 ‘The Route of All Evil’ Quotes

Quote from Tim

Brad: I can't keep up with everything.
Tim: Yes, you can. Look, you're already doing your studies. Look at this. Look. "The Franco-Prussian War was..." That's already more than I know, right there. Hey, but Russia's not spelled with a P, my friend. That says "Prussian."

Quote from Wilson

Tim: I was so excited about him having that job, I just kept pushing him and pushing him. I just want my kids to be great.
Wilson: Tim, it's not unusual for a father to want his son to succeed. You know, I'm reminded of what Wally Schirra the astronaut said: "You don't raise heroes, you raise sons. If you treat them as sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your own eyes."
Tim: I did push him way too hard. But it wasn't on purpose.
Wilson: I know it wasn't.
Tim: Thanks for lending me your ear.
Wilson: Tim! [returns the spy equipment] Thanks for lending me yours.

 Brad Taylor Quotes

Quote from Quibbling Siblings

Tim: I want to thank our special guest Brad Taylor, who filled Al's tool belt admirably. With a few notches left over, I might add. [Heidi stands next to Brad]
Heidi: Goodbye, everybody.
Brad: Nee you sex time. See you next time.
Tim: Bye, folks.

Quote from Mark's Big Break

Jill: Look, I know the video was bizarre. But isn't there something that you can do?
Tim: Sure. I could present it to the devil as an offering.
Jill: Couldn't you do some sort of special blooper show?
Brad: Mom, Dad already has one. It's called Tool Time.