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Quote from Tim in Workshop 'Til You Drop

Jill: Guess what. Randy is gonna be a newspaper man.
Tim: All right. You're carrying on a family tradition. All my brothers were newspaper men. First thing we do, get you a big bike, all right? With those big tires. Whitewalls or something. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Fender on a, a little horn... It'll look corny, but it'll be cool.
Randy: Dad.
Tim: Wait, wait, wait. We'll put a card in the spokes...
Randy: Dad!
Tim: Big, big bags. We'll fold the papers up, I'll teach you how to throw them.
Randy: Dad.
Tim: What?
Randy: I'm not gonna deliver the paper. I'm gonna write for it.
Tim: Oh. Can we still get the bike?

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