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Quote from Tim in Chicago Hope

Tim: Chicago, Chicago. Tool Time... Tool Time... the Windy City. Tool Time breaks wind in Chicago. I don't know.
Jill: You're still working?
Tim: Yeah, yeah. Al was no help, so I sent him home. I promised Bud I'd have these Chicago Tool Time ideas by Friday. Feel like pitchin' some ideas to me?
Jill: It's the middle of the night.
Tim: Got it! I got it! A salute to the middle of the night in Chicago. No.
Jill: Honey, why don't you just come to bed?
Tim: Bed, bed. Box springs. Bedding, bedding.
Jill: Tim, you're obsessing.
Tim: Obsessing, obsessing. Recess. Recessed lighting. A salute to recessed lighting in Chicago. Buildings. Recessed lighting.

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