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Quote from Tim in Wilson's Girlfriend

Al: All right. Let's get to ironing technique. Now, I start with the sleeve and move on to the body of the shirt. Marv, if you come in here. I also like to start with a light spray from my mist button.
Tim: Let me show you how the pros do it. I'm talking about the European tailors, Chinese tailors, Hong Kong tailors... Tim Taylors. We use the old gravity-feed professional iron. Yeah. 1,000 watts, 120 volts, 275 degrees. [grunts] I like a little starch in my shirt, so I'll starch her up.
Al: Uh, actually, Tim, too much starch can irritate the skin.
Tim: Yeah. Too much Al can irritate Tim. If you iron like Al's ironing, it'll take forever. European way, professional way, do it quick. Steam going there. And there you go.

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