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Quote from Wilson in Super Bowl Fever

Tim: Yeah, it's today. And Jill's all bent out of shape. Kicked my friends out. I had some guys over to watch the Super Bowl, she didn't like it 'cause she got flu.
Wilson: Mm. You know, I've got a touch of that myself, Tim. That's why I'm boiling up some bees.
Tim: Yeah. Boy, I'd swear I just heard you say "boiling up some bees." [laughs]
Wilson: Well, you know, I did. See, you steep the bees for 45 minutes in boiling water. Then you drink the liquid. It's an ancient Chinese remedy for nausea.
Tim: Sounds like an ancient Chinese cause of nausea.
Wilson: No, no, no, no, no, Tim. It makes a very delightful bee tea. The best part is, you don't have to add honey. [chuckles]

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