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Quote from Brad in Tim's First Car

Brad: Look, I just don't want my video looking like everybody else's.
Mark: All right, you ready?
Brad: Yeah.
Mark: And action.
Brad: Yo, yo, yo, what's up? I'm Brad, I'm bad. This is my pad. This is where I kick back when I'm not kicking in all those goals. Oh, oh, look at who just walked in. Folks, this is the number-one lady in my life. Hey, Mom, say hi.
Jill: Hi.
Brad: No matter how many goals I score or how many tests I ace, I always make time for my main mom.
Jill: No, honey, no. You're laying it on real thick.
Brad: What am I supposed to say? Hi, my name is Brad. I really love to play soccer. And I'd love to come play for your school.
Jill: That's better.

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