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Quote from Tim in Jill's Passion

Tim: Hi. Welcome back to Tool Time and our special segment, "Organizing Your Garage." Al has just installed the last of our cabinets.
Al: As before, we used wood screws on the rails that rung along the inside of the perimeter. And as you can see, we built the lower cabinets extra large so they can fit even the most odd-shaped objects.
Tim: Like Al. He fits right in there. You can barely even see him. [muffled] "I can't get out of here." But the best news is now we have room for the Studebaker.
Al: Mm-hm.
Tim: The cabinets are all finished now, Al.
Al: That's right. And it looks great.
Tim: Best of all, I think we did a good job of organizing Wilson's garage. What do you think?
Wilson: Save for one minor detail.
Tim: Yeah. Uh...
[Tim and Al follow Wilson out of the garage into the yard, which is full of Wilson's eclectic possesions]
Tim: Uh, tune in tomorrow for another special Tool Time: "Organizing a Yard Sale."

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