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Quote from Tim in Al's Video

Tim: And action.
Al: Welcome to How to Stock Your Toolbox. I'm Al Borland, your host. Al Borland. Take a stroll with me down aisle one, as we explore the exciting world of screwdrivers.
Tim: Cut. Good. Let's move on.
Al: OK. Where do you want me to stand?
Tim: Out of the way. OK. Manuel, this is gonna be a panoramic shot of the screwdriver aisle, right. Why don't you come down here, long shot. All right, let's start with the slotted screwdrivers and then zoom in on the Phillips head and a nice dramatic tilt up to the torque screwdrivers in the back, okay?
Al: Well, Tim, we don't have time for all this artsy camera work. We have two days to do this.
Tim: I got all the shots right up here.
Al: Well, my idea for the video is to be simple and direct.
Tim: I'll take simple and direct and expand it, mold it, shape it and make it... good. Come on, trust me, my little pumpkin.

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