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Quote from Tim in Future Shock

Tim: Welcome to Tool Time. I'm your host, Tim Taylor. You all know my assistant, Al Borland. Thank you, Al. OK. Today's first segment is about stuff that's stuck.
Al: And we're not talking about Tim gluing his head to a table. We're talking about those pesky nails, screws and bolts that get stuck and seem impossible to remove.
Tim: That's right. OK? Problem: [suspenseful music] We got a mangled head of a screw here and the screwdriver will not fit in the slot. Oh, mon dieu. [French accent] How will I finish building ze bridge?
Al: Solution: Use your hacksaw to cut a new slot at a right angle to the old one.
Tim: [French accent] Perfect. Screwdriver fits. Now we finish ze bridge. Voila...! All right. Problem: [suspenseful music] The nail head is too deep to remove with a claw hammer. [French accent] Oh, mon dieu. How will I build ze windmill?
Al: Solution: Use your trusty cat's paw. You simply pound it with your hammer, making sure that the cat's paw goes underneath the nail head, then just pull. [cat screeching]

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