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Quote from Tim in Fifth Anniversary

Tim: So I went to Binford's headquarters, in the archives, and got our first episode, and I put together a little highlight tape. Ladies and gentlemen, the birth of the tool show.
[Tool Time flashback:]
Mrs. Binford: Does everybody know what time it is? [the few people in the audience are silent until Mrs. Binford points to her apron]
Audience: Tool Time.
Mrs. Binford: That's correct. Binford Tools is happy to present your host Tom Taylor. [plays theme]
Tim: [walks out with a beard] Uh, thank you, Mrs. Binford. It's Tim Taylor. [Mrs. Binford gives him a thumbs up] All right. Well, welcome, audience, to the premiere episode of Tool Time. It's a show that celebrates men and their tools. Before we get to our project today, I'd like to bring out an assistant that we hired for me. We auditioned contractors all through the Detroit area, a lot of professional men, and this is the guy that would work for the money we offered. [chuckles] So, let's bring him out. A contractor, a master plumber and a Pisces - Albert Borland. Come on out, Albert. [a beardless Al walks out] Good to have you here.
Al: Hi.
Tim: OK. It's nice to have you here.
Al: I'm Al Borland, and I'm pleased to make your acquaintance. I'm also very honored to be part of your tool education.
Tim: It's over here, though. You would look into this camera.

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