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Quote from Al in Dream On

Al: Well, last night, something very disturbing happened. Ilene... had a dream.
Tim: No. Not a dream. While she was sleeping? You know, scientists may want to study her.
Al: You don't understand. It was a very passionate dream. Clothes were strewn about.
Tim: Not strewn about!
Al: Yes, strewn. She was talking to this man who she said had a very deep voice. And they were... they were riding a golden stallion, and he was wearing bicycle shorts.
Tim: Get a grip, will you? It's a dream. Don't you dream about other women sometimes?
Al: No! My dreams are good, clean fun.
Tim: You're driving yourself crazy over a silly dream with some jerk in it.
Al: Well, it wasn't just some jerk, Tim. It was you.
Tim: Really?
Al: Oh, I shouldn't have told you that.

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