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Quote from Tim in Be True to Your Tool

Tim: What are you gonna do with it?
Wes Davidson: Well, in the interests of the consumer, I've decided to hold off production.
Tim: [dramatic gasp] Isn't this the kind of guy you want selling you tools?
Audience: Yeah!
Tim: Uh, I got an idea. Heidi, would you bring out the Binford Big Boy ZX?
Heidi: Sure, Tim.
Tim: Here on Tool Time, when we have a tool or product that doesn't measure up to our standards, we give it an... Ooh! interesting farewell. Heidi? The Binford tool masher. Al, you wanna take the honors here?
Al: I don't think so, Tim. But perhaps Wes would like to. How about it, Mr. President?
Tim: All right! Just shove it right in there. Watch your hands! [machine whirring and clunking] And what we end up with... is the new Binford 6100... paperweight.

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