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Quote from Tim in Abandoned Family

Maureen Binford: But I do think we should devote the show to more clever household hints. I'm thinking... "The Bachelor Corner, with Al."
Tim: Al?
Maureen Binford: Yeah, you know... How to get spots out with club soda...
Al: Oh, yeah. Or using vinegar and water to clean windows.
Maureen Binford: That's a good one, yes. Or how to iron with wax paper.
Tim: Maureen. This is a man's show. We give man advice. How to pull a nail out of your foot. What to do with a severed finger. Men don't wanna know about ironing.
Maureen Binford: Well, Tim, a lot of men are single.
Al: Yes, they are. And wax paper between the folds when you're ironing really does give you a nice pleat.
Tim: Thank you, Al. I'll remember that next time we do cross-dressing day.

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