Lane Quote #137

Quote from Lane in Lorelai Out of Water

Rory: Okay, please take this the way it's intended, but I am going to kick Dave in the shins repeatedly for the next hour and a half.
Lane: Why?
Rory: Why? Did you hear the way he was talking to you? "Play like a guy, Lane." Well, cry like a girl, Dave! What? Why are you smiling like that?
Lane: He fooled you.
Rory: What?
Lane: We thought the other guys might be catching on about me and Dave so we came up with this plan.
Rory: That he become a jerk?
Lane: Yes. If the other guys see him talking down to me like that, they will totally be thrown off track.
Rory: Okay, but doesn't it bother you to hear him talk to you like that?
Lane: No way. Believe me, he knows I play better, harder, Moonier than any guy they could possibly find, plus I smell better.
Rory: Okay, as long as you're fine with it.
Lane: I am, I'm fine with it.
Dave: And also Lane, I need four strong downbeats, not two strong ones and two whatever ones. You set the tone, Lane. If you suck, we suck.
Lane: [to Rory] God, he's wonderful.


 ‘Lorelai Out of Water’ Quotes

Quote from Lane

Lane: See, my mom was in a good mood today because she made a big sale – a dining room table and eight chairs, none of which matched, that have been hanging around the shop since I was four.
Rory: Oh, I'm gonna miss those.
Lane: Get over it. Anyway, I sat her down and I told her that I really wanted to go to the prom. And I know she doesn't approve of such things, but if she lets me go, we will do it her way.
Rory: But her way would be not to let you go.
Lane: Yes, she said that also. But then I went on to clarify that if she lets me go, she would get full dress approval, full chaperone approval, I promise not to actually dance at the prom, and whatever boy I go with will be required to attend at least four family dinners before she signs off on him being my escort.
Rory: Nice move on using the word escort instead of the word date.
Lane: The subliminal is half the battle, Rory.
Rory: Go on, go on.
Lane: So, she sat there, took it all in, and after a really long pause, she looks at me and says, "Maybe."
Rory: You got a maybe from Mrs. Kim.
Lane: I got a maybe from Mrs. Kim.

Quote from Lorelai

Rory: I can't believe how much junk we have.
Lorelai: Hey, these are souvenirs from our life's journey, girly girl. This is not junk. Okay, this is junk, and that over there is junk. All right, basically everything I'm looking at is, yeah, junk.
Rory: We're pack rats.
Lorelai: We're Sanford and Son.

Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: I'd say three years.
Rory: I'd say more like four.
Lorelai: What? It has not been four years since we've stepped foot inside our own garage.
Rory: It was when we got the Jeep.
Lorelai: That wasn't... yes, it was.
Rory: And even then, I think we only got as far as opening the door before something flew out and scared you.
Lorelai: Yes, it scared me while you stood by calmly like Dr. Dolittle chatting with the bat.
Rory: It was a bat, wasn't it?
Lorelai: Wearing an OzzFest T-shit, I believe.
Rory: Will the man never be able to live that down?
Lorelai: Well, Joe Namath will forever be wearing pantyhose.